Terragon Group is made up of three independent but complimentary business units that focus on different aspects of the digital media sphere. They are:

Terragon Limited (TL) - Access and Aggregation
Twinpine Limited - Mobile Advertising
Terragon Media Limited (TML) - Digital Media Agency

We have over the years, built strong competences across the digital ecosystem comprising mobile, online and content. With Technology and information being at the core of what the Group’s business involves, it boasts of a skilled product and engineering team versed in several web and mobile technologies. With over twelve server instances across four continents, our platforms crunch several terrabytes of data monthly to deliver unparalleled value to advertisers and brands alike. We work with the several brands, agencies, publishers, using our platforms to create and deliver the best services with compelling value propositions to access one of the world’s largest consumer market – Africa.