Terrance Hunt had a very musical childhood, his house growing up echoed Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, and the Jackson Five all of which helped him develop his musical taste. Gospel was also a very big influence; his grandmother would introduce him to the genre basically almost since the day he was born. “I was raised on the songs that speak pain, love and everyday life,” he says.

However, his story as an artist starts at age 11 after a car accident introduced him to a new form of expression, poetry. Soon after, poetry turned into rap verses written with influences of artists such as Nas, Notorious, Tupac, Hot Boys and Jay z. With a burning desire to perform he would take any opportunity to polish his craft; family reunions, local bars and open mic nights.

Rapidly music became the main pillar in his life and he decided to pursue his love and passion for music by attending music production at AIMIU (Art Institutes Miami International University). There, he met Mario Lacava and Manuel Reta founders of the Indie Record Label Raw Entertainment, which eventually signed Terrance. As a team the idea was simple, create music that moved them and inspired them to share it with the world.

“Music is my life, is what makes me happy, there is no rewind in life but there is a forward” Terrance Hunt.