U.S. Learning is a full service training firm comprised of professionals who deliver innovative, high-impact solutions to our clients. Our company specializes in distance learning initiatives that include deep assessment and data management insights that are designed to provide a higher, long term return on the investment of these programs.

U.S. Learning is dedicated to assisting our clients in keeping their people skills at an advanced level in order to grow their enterprises. We do this through the teaching of skills that will result in the formation of strong business relationships and trade alliances. We believe that human resource development should not be an event, but an ongoing process with clear objectives and applications crafted to help our clients turn visions into reality.
U.S. Learning is committed to the enrichment of our clients, our alliance partners, and our colleagues through assurance of the highest quality learning experiences possible. Our efforts reflect a combination of advanced technologies, social responsibility, and superior ethical conduct.

Don Hutson is a two time New York Times Best Selling author of "The One MInute Entrepreneur" co-authored with Ken Blanchard, and "The One Minute Negotiator" co-authored with Dr. G. Lucas in addition to 14 other best selling books. Hutson's latest book, "Sell Value, Not Price" is due out in Fall of 2014