Step into a realm where the ordinary twists into the extraordinary – welcome to the spine-chilling world of Terror On The Timber Farm. Nestled within the sprawling expanse of Amelia Shotgun Sports, this outdoor haunted attraction stands as North Florida's premier destination for a heart-pounding blend of horror and adventure.

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-soaked odyssey as you traverse four uniquely terrifying Haunted Trails. The sinister Fear Trail beckons with its eerie atmosphere, while the enigmatic Infestation teems with otherworldly creatures. The Trail of the Dead unveils the aftermath of a horror-inducing ordeal, and The Jinx pulls you into its enigmatic embrace. Every step propels you further into a domain where reality blurs, and nightmares come alive.

Yet, our immersive experiences don't stop with haunted trails. We beckon the brave to partake in our Apocalypse Training Experiences. "The Heat," our Gellyball Shooting Range, offers an avenue for refining your accuracy amidst excitement. Targets erupt in vibrant Gellyball explosions upon impact, crafting an electrifying shooting gallery like no other.

Moreover, "The Birds" Shotgun Sport Demonstration & Experience is your gateway to honing skills that could save lives during an apocalypse. Engage in neon target shooting under mesmerizing black lights and witness professionals demonstrating the art of shotgun sports. Choose to spectate or become a shooter, after undergoing comprehensive vetting and safety instructions.

Delve deeper into the experience through our sponsorship opportunities – from Casper and Black Cat to Great Pumpkin, Zombie Horde, and MJ's Thriller. Each tier carries unique perks, immersing you further into the haunting legacy.

Terror On The Timber Farm stands as a haven for those who seek to push their boundaries, to embrace their fears, and to create indelible memories. Embark on this unforgettable journey where shotgun sports and the macabre converge. Traverse the timber farm, undergo apocalypse training, and become part of a haunting narrative that will linger for eternity. Book your tickets now, and join us in the heart of terror.