Test Drive Technologies is a family owned and operated business ran by the husband and wife team of Steven and Amy Paul from Belleville, Illinois.  

We are proud sponsors of the local and long distance communities including S.H.A.R.E and Tuesday's Child in Chicago. We recently donated two inspection packages to Tuesday's Child in Chicago with an estimated value of $1200 to help raise funds for their kids. We also just gave away a $220 package to Scott Credit Union who is having a benefit for United Way.  
We are always on the look out for other events and charities to donate free inspection certificates for raffle and silent auction.  If you are a charity or are holding an event that sponsors a charity please feel free to contact us and see if we would like to donate an inspection to your cause.

Test Drive Technologies is the #1 choice in the Greater St Louis, Springfield and Chicago areas for mobile vehicle inspections. Our mobile auto inspection services offer exceptional mobile automotive services including pre-purchase, pre-sale and mobile electronic diagnostic services to any client that finds themselves in the automotive industry. Our mission is to be the hands, eyes and ears of everyone of our clients.

We continue to remain completely independent of all outside automotive industry influences such as manufactures, dealerships and repair facilities. This enables us to provide our clients with a 100% unbiased vehicle inspection report directly to you.
If you are a high school or grade school and need a automotive purchasing presentation please feel free to contact us as well.

TDT was founded under the cause of helping pre-own car buyers make better buying decisions and get into their dream vehicle.  Sometimes we find the perfect vehicle thinking it is a jem but turns out to be a lemon. We strive to keep our prices very competitive in-fact by comparison you will see that our inspection packages are under that of ANY of our competition if you compare what they say the check and what we TEST.  We offer our services in a mobile only format which means we come to the vehicle's location every time. And we do all this 7 days a week in the St Louis, Central Illinois and Chicago areas.
Our service mission is to the eyes, ears and hands of every one of our clients in the automotive industry.