The English Tutoring Academy (or abbreviated TETACAD) is an institution that teaches English to students of all ages internationally. We focus on teaching English conversation, ESL for young learners and IELTS exam preparation.

All of our language programs come with a detailed lesson plan and other work activities that may include worksheets, workbooks, textbooks, free-talk, homework assignments, evaluations, writings, idioms, expressions, grammar, phonics, reading, dictation, pronunciation, quizzes, warm-ups, dialogues,  discussions, games, video, or audio. Also, each lesson plan can be adjusted or pre-arranged to meet individual needs.

All students will be closely monitored to ensure their progression through diagnostic measures and a detailed feedback report will be provided.

                                          What is your English Level?

A0- Starter (pre-k): No knowledge of the language

A1- Beginner English (grade 1,2): You can use simple phrases

A2- Elementary English (grades 3,4): You can use English for everyday tasks & activities

B1- Intermediate English (grades 5,6): Can describe experiences and events

B2- Upper-intermediate English (grades 7,8): Can understand the main ideas of complex texts

C1- Advanced English (grade 11): Can express Ideas fluently

C2- Proficiency  English (grade 12 ): Completely mastered the language