With two hit reality TV shows about buying self storage units, public interest is booming as everyday people are coming out to see if they too, can make money buying lockers.

Our new 3-hour class was designed to show our students the difference between Hollywood’s version and the everyday REALITY version of the business.

Someone just starting out can easily lose money due to a false impression of how it works. The instructor for this course brings nearly three years of his own personal experience in buying storage units in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Students can expect valuable, money saving tips with “how-to” information for example, how to find auctions, who conducts them and the overall process. Attendee’s will be given a detailed overview of storage auctions as an investment business and a blue print of what is needed for our students to be successful with investing in self storage auctions.

What You Will LearnSelf Storage Auction Sales
• What is a Landlords Lien?
• Auctioneers
• Are Auctioneers required?
• Sealed bidding/Live bidding
Auction Locations & Dates & Preparation
• Websites & Search Engines
• Finding when/where they are held
• What to wear
• What to bring
• What are the rules?
• Taxes
• Cleaning deposits
• Sale Receipts & Access Codes
Viewing & Bidding
• How long do you have to see inside?
• Can you walk thru a unit before bidding?
• Know when to stop bidding
• What if you are the winning bidder
• Are all contents yours to keep?
After Buying: Process & Considerations
• Vehicles needed to remove contents
• Where to store contents
• Trash disposal – Bulk pick up
Identify & estimate values
• Identify items online
• Does it work, How much to repair and Is it worth it?
• Low value items: Worth trying to sell?
Websites & Places to sell
• Flea Markets
• Garage sales
• Consignment stores
• Auction houses
• Online auctions
• Ebay
• CraigsList.org and more
Workshop includes:Step-by-step manual, 3-hours of instruction, step-by-step manual, forms, website, and videos (home-study course only)