Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) is committed to creating a vehicle where individual investors can become long term partners who, over a period of time, develop a portfolio of oil and gas properties that generate generous monthly cash flow and substantial tax write offs. TEG offers its qualified participants, direct undivided working interest positions into new oil and gas well drilling ventures. Through direct participation programs in oil and gas, investors actually own a portion of the well and receive a share of the cash flow it generates via monthly disbursements. TEG acts as the managing entity over the entire process.  They begin with their geologists identifying a prospective anomaly by utilizing 3D Seismic technology, they then acquire the mineral leases over the prospect site, work to obtain funding, then begin to operate and drill the well, complete the well, and as a licensed operator TEG is also able to handle the day to day operations and sale of acquired gas and oil.  Their operating arm, acting under the name Resaca Resources, is then responsible for sending out monthly revenue checks to their partners as well as preparing and sending out daily drilling reports, permits, maps and related geology, production, revenue, and expense statements. For further Oil & Gas Investment information please contact our Investor Relations department at (877) 893-6749 or visit us on the web at