Based in Portland, Oregon Textile Hive was founded in 2009 to preserve and enable greater access to the rich history, intricate techniques and stunning visual beauty of the Andrea Aranow Textile Design Collection.

Assembled by renowned fashion designer and textile scholar Andrea Aranow, the collection of over 40,000 textiles has served as a vital source of inspiration for fashion and interior designers globally for over two decades.

“The scope of materials in the textile design collection reflects my various curiosities over the decades since I began serious studies with a five year residence in Peru. They were collected one at a time, locally in Laos, China, Japan, Philippines, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Britain, France, and across America. I rarely passed up an opportunity for a new technique or handmade piece of unknown origin. I am most pleased that the new iteration will allow my textiles to be further documented and used for all sort of comparisons and reconfigurations, weaving the future,” stated Andrea Aranow about the launch of Textile Hive.