Texture Mill, an open beta project for 3D and digital artists, is announcing the launch of its innovative application. Texture Mill offers an extensive library of ready-to-use textures and is designed to be used either as a stand-alone application or within various modeling programs such as Blender and Maya.

Texture Mill’s curated library allows digital artists to download textures without interrupting workflow. By offering immediate access to preformatted images, using Texture Mill will save time and energy because every texture in the library is ready to use. Additionally, artists can further enhance, change, and bookmark textures to suit their individual needs.

Founder Jon Varner originally came up with the idea for Texture Mill as a way to streamline his own creative process. As a 3D artist, he grew frustrated at the amount of time that the current texturing process was taking. Determined to develop a faster and easier texturing p ipeline, he built up a substantial library of evenly-lit, seamless textures and then created the Texture Mill application in which users could download and use the textures best suited for their projects.

Jon knew he had to share Texture Mill with the entire creative world. His mission is to streamline and simplify the texturing process while also improving the quality of textures, thus eliminating much frustration and improving time management and workflow in the 3D environment.

Texture Mill is now open for users across the world wide web. Users will appreciate the ease of use and versatility of this new creative asset.