Teysha is built on the idea that real change comes from the opportunity to create. Our creations are designed to empower traditional artists by driving demand for their craft and evolving the mediums into functional, fashionable and unique goods that can find real “footing” in the marketplace. We hope that this will create a sustainable demand for these art forms to be carried into the future by generations to come. Our products are designed to educate consumers on other cultures and communities, the issues they face, and ways that we, as consumers can make a real impact in the world and in people’s lives. Our goods are emblematic of people’s respect for humanity and the planet we all share.

Teysha has sourced art from over 300 artists and is continuing to develop programs on the ground to support the Kuna artists. We believe these shoes, and our coming products, are filling a void in the marketplace - a product that respects hand crafted art and empowers people to life themselves from poverty. Additionally, we aim to evolve the current trend of social buying from 'Buy One Give One' to something that truly gets to the roots of poverty by providing opportunity and connecting the consumer with amazing craftspeople and their culture.

Teysha's social mission is driven by the belief that in order to eradicate poverty around the world, people first and foremost need access to income and jobs. The poorest people of the world are by nature entrepreneurs and innovators - doing whatever they can to better their lives. A greater income means they can stop focusing on the daily needs, and start planning for their future. They begin to think about education for their children, health care, and taking care of the environment around them. Until they are in a better financial position, no amount of gifts or charity will forge a long-term solution to rise above poverty. That is why Teysha is focusing first on access to jobs and income for artisans in Latin America. As our brand and collection of products grows, we will be bringing sustainable income to more and more artisans, who can in turn begin to provide better futures for their families, in a chain reaction that will be facilitated by the power of conscious business.

Teysha is creating a collection of products made with traditional art from around the Americas, and using these products to raise awareness and funds for micro finance and other tools for poverty eradication. Beyond the social mission, Teysha products are incredibly unique and vibrant, while also being functional and comfortable. Every piece is a true work of art. Our customers each have a cache of stories built up describing the countless times they've been stopped on the streets, at work, or at school by people enthusiastically interested as to where they purchased their unique shoes. We hear wonderful stories like this all the time, people everywhere are fascinated and drawn to the magic of these shoes.

We are committed to conscious business, combining respect for people, the planet, and a sustainable business model. Our shoes and leather goods are made with high quality leather and hand crafted by some of the region's most talented shoemakers and leather workers.