Tha L. Spot Ent. & P.R. LLC  is a company that provides public relations services for clients in music and special events, as well as, event planning and photography. We focus on networking and recognizing talents, brands, and the community. We have a blog thalspot.com which covers topics in music, entertainment, fashion, businesses, community and any up and coming industries.

We focus on giving and creating OPPORTUNITIES for those who want to gain experience in the above fields. It runs mainly by part-time professionals in their respective fields. Also, we have INTERNS who want to get an independent start in their careers by gaining experience and being recognized for it. They work independently or with a team but everyone receive credit for their work. There are opportunities to grow within the company as the company itself grows.

We take pride in networking and being recognized because there are so many of us who are entrepreneurs or pursuing a dream but barely recognized for our hard work and efforts, and what we do for the community. We like to work with other brands to help take them to the next level or to give opportunities they may not have had before. With about 3 years in being in business, we have been able to connect music artists with media outlets, businesses, venues and more together to create bigger platforms.