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March 14, 2013

Local Cupcake Shop Gets National Recognition on ABC's "The Chew"

Westerville, OH – Locally owned The Cupcake Fix was recognized on ABC's "The Chew" March 5, 2013. Out of thousands of entries received from people all over the United States, the "Cheeseburger Cupcake" photo was chosen as one of three photos displayed on the segmented subject of "baking".  

The Cupcake Fix is owned by Connie L. Fix of Westerville, Ohio.  She is a home-based, start-up company with big dreams and plans for cupcake domination.  She is a self-taught baker and has only taken a few decorating classes at local craft stores in Charlotte, North Carolina and Westerville, Ohio.

Her current and short term plans are to keep working from a home-based kitchen while attending Columbus Culinary Institute beginning in July.  Her long term goals are to operate from a commercial kitchen with several mobile dessert trucks all over Columbus.

About The Cupcake Fix

The Cupcake Fix creates cupcakes that are ordered by the dozen.  They are baked and decorated on the same day the customer requests the cupcakes to be received.  Pick-up and delivery options are available.  

Weddings, corporate events, and large parties have all benefited from having cupcakes that offer flavor and color varieties.

A new and exciting addition to The Cupcake Fix is hosting Cupcake Decorating Parties and Demonstrations!  She will attend customer's event with unfrosted cupcakes, pastry bags filled with frostings and many decorations.  Then she will do a demonstration and help participants create beautiful cupcakes!

Contact Information

To learn more about The Cupcake Fix, please contact:

Connie L. Fix, The Cupcake Fix
8123 Worthington Galena Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: (614) 935-5455
Email: thecupcakefix@aol.com
Web Site: www.thecupcakefix.com