Most diets contain one major flaw. They focus on restricting calories in some way without addressing the cause of your weight and health problems – a malfunction in one or more of your body’s 7 Systems. Because of this, these diets yield incomplete results that are often short-lived. They leave people frustrated and unfulfilled.  

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. In this book, our strategy is threefold. We’ll evaluate your Systems, identify the imbalances or malfunctions, and then optimize your Systems. Long-term health is a result of getting all your 7 Systems working together correctly. When they do, you’ll experience incredible benefits like:

•     Losing weight fast and maintaining your ideal body weight permanently-
•     Living up to 24 years longer.
•     Having up to 87% more strength in just 8 weeks.
•     Increasing your energy up to 600%.
•     Decreasing cancer risk up to 67%.
•     Drastically reducing risk for all 4 of the main killers in America.
•     Looking and feeling up to 10 years younger in 90 days.
•     Decreasing or eliminating your need for medications.
•     Significantly improving your sex drive.

Throughout his career, Dr. Pat Luse has helped countless patients create amazing results by following The 7 Systems Plan. Inside this book you’ll meet just a few of these patients. More importantly, you’ll discover a proven process for creating the life you’ve always wanted. It’s time to get your body working for you, not against you.