From it’s inception in 2005, The Aidem Group has always given our clients continuous internal and external brand awareness; marketplace knowledge of traditional paid-for-media, stayed on the pulse of emerging ‘new’ media and information consumption channels, which has allowed us to be a sought after firm when seeking to connect the dots between brand, consumer and industry alike.

The uniqueness of The Aidem Group is that we seek to fully submerge ourselves into the overall directive of our clients, while incorporating a new and fresh perspective for the future growth and development of our clients. Our commitment to refusing to settle for anything less than greatness. Through our extensive network of media, music, fashion, entertainment and human interest affiliations, we are an agency that actively merges the efforts of many for the single common goal of success. The Aidem Group lives and operates in the lifestyle, entertainment culture, music, fashion and mass market space, servicing our clients and projects with custom and purposeful/highly effective initiatives with a strong emphasis on marketing, PR, events, promotions, management, brand alliances and other non-traditional marketing programs.