About The Artful Canine                                  

The Artful Canine is an online dog walking gear boutique offering quality handcrafted designer dog collars, dog leashes, dog harnesses and other accessories at affordable prices. Products range in size from X-Small to X-Large, and coordinating leashes that range from 4’ – 6’ in a variety of widths to suit you and your dogs walking style. Custom orders are also available.

The Artful Canine Dog Collars are handcrafted using washable fabric designs topstitched over durable nylon webbing. We offer an eclectic mix of exclusive trademark designs and other designs from fine ribbon mills. All Artful Canine products are made in, and shipped from, Port Charlotte, Florida.

About Our Dog Collars & Leashes

Your Dog’s collar is an extension of his personality - and yours.
People tend to buy collars and leashes in the same way that they buy clothes for themselves. What appeals to you in a dog collar feature or design is probably similar to what you look for when shopping for clothes. In addition, your dog’s collar is the only thing that identifies him or her as belonging to you – so it’s perfectly natural to dress your dog in designs that are a reflective of your tastes and personality.

Our aim is to offer features, styles and designs that will appeal to the man or woman who in mindful of their dogs comfort; values handcrafted quality construction; and looks for unique, attractive designs that reflect their own personal likes and interests.

An Artful Canine Dog Collar is designed to look great, feel good, and wear well.
Dogs get dirty, and so do their collars. Depending on your lifestyle, you might just toss out a dirty or worn collar and opt for a new one. But we suggest that you think of your dog’s collar as if it were your favorite pair of blue jeans. Yeah, they might get a little faded or worn here and there, but they’ll hold up for quite a while. After all, your dog’s collar is sort of like blue jeans – once broken in, they feel and look great. So we suggest that you purchase a collar that not only looks good, but will feel good and wear well over time.

At The Artful Canine, we think of our handcrafted collars as being blue jeans for dogs – once the stiffness of the new material has broken in, they fit and feel real good. Yes, they will get faded over time. And if you’ve got a dog that likes to scratch a lot, they may wear down the finish of the decorative fabric on our collars, but they won’t wear out their usefulness. That’s why we offer a 1 year guarantee, or we’ll replace your collar for free*

1 year guarantee, or we’ll replace the collar for free*
We’ve tested our handcrafted collar & leash products with puppies, small dogs, and big dogs for everyday use outdoors and in. We also run each new collar design through several washes to ensure that our collars hold up to everyday wash and wear. With exception to fabric wear* we expect our dog collars to last a year. If you find that this does not hold true, we welcome you to return your purchase and we’ll replace your dog’s collar for free!*

Caring for your Artful Canine Dog Collar
Yes, just like you need to care for your blue jeans, you need to follow the care instructions for our handcrafted collars. It’s really not hard or difficult. Simply machine wash our collar on a delicate cycle in warm or cool water, and allow it to line/flat dry. It’s as easy as that. A delicate cycle is better because it will minimize further wear or fading to the fabrics finish. But if the collar is really dirty, a normal cycle wash may occasionally be necessary.