The Ascended Divine is a metaphysical center that is dedicated to assisting others to achieve their higher good on the Earth plane while promoting serenity, healing, good health and balance. We provide Spiritual counseling, Reiki, Chromotherapy, Crystal Therapy and Life Coaching. We believe in enlightenment and utilize the three “I’s” which is to instruct, inform and inspire the advancement of the divine self that is hidden deep within the physical body. We will host and offer lecture series that will help our members to understand the divine purpose of life and their roles in the cosmic scheme of things.

Our practitioners are also versed in the art of reading the tarot, runes and tea leaves. Reiki classes and Reiki circles will be offered by our Reiki masters and will be advertised on our community board. We are in a constant state of change and will enhance our offerings to include other forms of metaphysical modalities that will enrich the lives of our members. (D. Mackie)