TheBarnYardGroup is a next generation communications and development "hybrid" agency that synergistically blends entertainment, digital communications, marketing, and technology.  TheBarnYardGroup creates premium content for the 21st century that operates effectively on all fronts of the new digital landscape.

Started in 2010, TheBarnYardGroup has a presence in all areas of entertainment and global business development, marketing, branding, large scale events, content, and social media. The blend and talent has mastered creating "new models"  of communications landscapes in the ever changing digital age. Becoming a "incubator" of innovation around their fields of expertise.

TheBarnYardGroup has recruited the best and the brightest to meet the needs of the modern market and help clients do the same. This unique multi-view process allows us to create a digital landscape for clients that optimizes premium content creator's ability to engage with brand, advertising and technology partners at the inception of the creative process. What's more, we can then partner on the finished product across a global and multi-platform distribution model. Leading us into next generation entertainment and content development. We take a multi-tentacle approach to build a brand community to use creative content as the vehicle which moves these brands forward.

TheBarnYardGroup amplifies the way in which content creators can engage with marketing and technology partners because TheBarnYardGroup brings those partners together into one place. We weave together the elements and support expertise in order to create an environment where content can cross-pollinate in the viral way that it does in once it is out in the world. Blend this with multi-media entertainment studios, media, production, funding, creating digital platforms, television, gaming, apps, film and mobile and a "magic mix" response is created, something evolving to fit the world of opportunities developing around us.

TheBarnYardGroup challenges the traditional methods of consumer and entertainment production by allowing content creators and branding partners to develop premium programs that can reach audiences and create change like never before. Content created using this process can thrive in today's competitive content world because it allows the top creative minds to shift into this new space with ease allowing them to focus on what is truly important - innovative progress, great creative content. This process is "key" in the new world at the "project" inception of the creative process and partner on the finished product across a global and multi-platform distribution model.

TheBarnYardGroup Digital Communications Division
Through a branding mix which creates a high profile idea for clients, Barnyard Digital Communications uses digital marketing and communications to create a monetizable business approaches and messaging development with the goal of moving the brand forward. This orchestrated mix of new tools and a steady hand approach creates a "many-to-many" result and leads to a solid rate of return.

TheBarnYardGroup Entertainment Development Division
With a "visionary approach" in all areas of the media platform-everything from film/television acquisitions, development, production, distribution, merchandising, digital publishing, gala events, global news, theater, gaming, apps- The BarnYardGroup Entertainment Development is able to shepherd a project through ever stage of the development process from brainstorm to red carpet premiere. Here creative content need not exist only in a single format span across multiple platforms and genres.