The Bra Recyclers, based in Gilbert, AZ, is a social enterprise clothing recycling company focused on the recycling and reuse of preloved bras and other lingerie. Our goal is to educate consumers and retailers on the social and environmental benefits of extending the life of clothing, influencing them to recycle preloved clothing rather than discarding it into landfills.  

We partner with Bra Recycling Ambassadors – organizations that want to help us achieve our mission – to encourage consumers to recycle preloved bras in order to support women and girls in need. We have donated over 4 million bras to over 100 non-profit organizations around the world.

We provide opportunities for retailers to increase customer engagement in environmentally friendly ways through our Bra Recycling Ambassador Program. Our program aims to meet the demands of environmentally and socially conscious consumers who are choosing where to spend their money based on the action retailers are taking in these areas.

To learn more about The Bra Recyclers, visit: www.brarecycling.com