The Buzz Stand (http://www.thebuzzstand.com) is a comprehensive site which provides a platform to Startups and emerging entrepreneurs to stand on their feet and create a buzz about themselves in the market.  Our website helps them in growing there business. We provide digital marketing, web developer and GST services. We are planning to enter into legal and finance services very soon. It also keeps a track of the latest buzz in the business world

This site provides a forum where people can meet like-minded people, discuss their issues and get help on topics. This website also seeks to provide a platform where Entrepreneurs can get help in getting there company registered and filings, seek funding, hire interns, hire co-room spaces. In short this website tries to help entrepreneurs in whatever possible way so they can focus on their core competency and grow their business.

The website has been started by an Entrepreneur who was facing tons of problems while starting his own business and could not find a comprehensive solution and help as to how to go about things. This is the problem which many budding entrepreneurs face. This website wants to act as a platform for addressing all those needs.

The plans and services offered by us are such that Roi generated by the customer is much higher than the investment.

Our goal is to make sure startups and businesses make a contribution to the growth of the world. For this we would not only be into services, we would also be offering interactive courses so that people can build on their skills.