The Children’s Healing Institute, a non-profit organization that began in 1987, and was originally named the Dick Webber Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse (after the impassioned child advocate, Dick Webber). The mission of The Children’s Healing Institute is to build confident and capable parents through professional guidance, education, and advocacy to improve the lives of children.

The work of The Children’s Healing Institute impacts premature infants, new mother and fathers, and parents with young children. Programs include the TEACUP Preemie Program® (resources and support in the hospital NICU and the home for families with a premature infant); Parent Aide/Youth Mentoring (in home family mentoring and parenting support), and FirstPlay® (storytelling with nurturing touch to promote infant bonding and attachment). Our Turn on the Light National Conference on the Wellbeing of Children and Families is heading into its 18th year. The annual conference has educated and trained thousands if parents, volunteers, and professionals concerned with the health and welfare of children and families, while strengthening community partnerships.