The dog food at Canine Cook uses human grade meat or fish wherever possible to make completely natural dog food for the discerning pet owner to feed their dogs without the worry of damaging their systems with cheap alternatives. Our natural food ingredients are scoured for their quality from reliable suppliers to produce as natural a dog food as we can. The Canine Cook Salmon & Potato + Verm-X® is an example of our Super Premium pet food that contains only natural ingredients. Another one is The Canine Cook Lamb and Brown Rice where we have used brown rice instead of white rice as we believe that it is more digestible and will not cause digestion problems in your pet. The Canine Cook currently offers three varieties of Super Premium Natural Dog Food and will be bringing another one out shortly.
Why Choose the Best Dog Food?

The cheaper alternatives on the market contain a high percentage of cereals which is a low cost method of providing protein. Often these dog foods use meat depravities which can be any part of the carcass. We also add Verm-X® is added to our puppy food and to the Salmon & Potato varieties of Natural Dog Food. This product has been on the market for a number of years and has a good reputation in the Equine world. The Canine Cook is one of the first in the world to include Verm-X® into a complete Natural Dog Food, showing our commitment to providing the best dog food for your pet.