Who We Are

We help private and public sector organizations anticipate, respond to, and adapt to dynamic changes in the marketplace.

Our company was built and continues to grow on the foundation of our expertise in, and deep passion for engaging, enrolling, and aligning individuals into coalitions who must come together to cause meaningful, impactful outcomes. We combine our own innovative thinking with our clients’ existing organizational knowledge and expertise to develop comprehensive solutions that blend strategy and design with implementation. Our perspectives are honed and applied to support our clients as we leverage our processes and visual frameworks for problem solving, the PRIMES. These frameworks uncover universal patterns of organizational and group behavior, and we tailor our approach to address our clients’ specific situational needs.

What We Do

We deliver traditional management consulting services.  Our approach, on the other hand, is not traditional. Clients dealing with problems that are high in technical and social complexity need to build a coalition to reach their desired outcomes. It takes a balance of multiple philosophies: collaboration, utilizing the fewest most important resources or initiatives to achieve desired outcomes, and command and control to create sustainable solutions to problems.