The Consigned Couture is an online consignment store selling only authentic luxury brand handbags, clothing, accessories, jewelry and watches.

This is what we offer you:

We are an Online Luxury Consignment Store
You list your items on our site and we give you the highest payout in the online and offline consignment industry of 71%
You ship your items to the buyer when they sell. We do not ask you to send us your precious items.
You receive your money through Paypal or money transfer once you ship your items to the buyer and confirm shipping.
You can be anywhere in the world to use our website to buy and sell luxury designer brands using our services.
You must have a verified Paypal account to sell on our site.
We simply provide the platform for you to buy and sell your luxury items safely, securely and simply!

Our Mission & Cause

Our core belief is that everyone should be able to enjoy a safe and secure environment.

We at The Consigned Couture have made it our mission to fight back against violence toward woman, children and mankind.  Nobody should be afraid or live in fear of violence.  We are taking a stand against violence toward women and children by actively donating $2 - $5 dollars from every sale to Women Shelters across the United States and Canada to help in the fight against physical violence and abuse toward women and children and providing them with financial aid and back to work clothing program as well as style advice to boost confidence while in a safe and secure environment.

You help support this cause with every purchase you make and every item that is consigned on our site.

Thank you so much for all of your support!