Inspired by the 1950s screen sirens of yesteryear, TheDressingGown.com has one single mission; to return the glamour, elegance and sophistication back where it belongs… back into every household.  

When you think of the phrase ‘Dressing Gown’ please, abandon those dowdy images of terry towelling and fleece fabrics.   Ladies, its time to throw away those shapeless, ill fitting, shin length gowns and its time to return to a by gone era where effortless style and sophistication merge with practical comfort!  

Think: Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s!  

Let’s face it, if Ingrid Bergman had turned up at Casablanca’s in her terry towelling gown, one cannot help but wonder if the effect on Humphrey Bogart would have been quite so breathtaking…

Together we can bring the ‘hotness’ back into the world of dressing gowns.

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