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Our Property Marketing Plan provides the most effective tools to net the most amount of money possible for our seller's. It includes both direct and technology marketing techniques to obtain the maximum amount of exposure for each and every listing. By blending the old traditional marketing tools of community postcards, local agency flyers, newspaper/magazine ads, and open houses with the new technology marketing tools of websites, blogs, press releases, classified ads, videos, and social media we hit every single medium that a potential buyer could possibly use to look so that our seller's home is the first and most prominent one seen

We also specialize in helping 1st time homebuyers and multiple homebuyers get the best possible deal on the home that they choose. Studying the local real estate market statistics daily and our advanced negotiation skills are the main tools we use to help our buyers be the most knowledgeable on the market thus ensuring they come out of the transaction with a profitable home that will give his, her, or them a great building block for their future.