Known as “The Empowerment QueenTM”, Mujiba Salaam Parker empowers individuals to live with ease, peace-of-mind, and prosperity.  She provides examples and specific universal principles that always work to attract a person’s deepest desires.

Mujiba is the author of His Inspiration Through Me, Publish Your Book: How to be a Publisher and Author, Use Your Mind to Achieve YOUR Success!TM and The Universal Attraction System: How to Easily Attract Your Desires FAST!

For approximately 15 years, Mujiba administered multi-millions in financing and financial incentives for businesses and non-profits to expand their organizations in Camden and throughout the State of New Jersey.  Currently, she is the Grants Manager at a Community Action Agency in Camden, NJ.  Ms. Parker has served in this capacity for over 5 years.  In addition, through her products and trainings, Mujiba helps ambitious individuals seeking to live a life they love by getting what they REALLY want.    

To receive her free video “3 Keys to Abundance: How to Use a Gratitude Journal to Dramatically Improve Your Life”, visit www..org.