The Force Field is a half hour podcast and web portal dedicated to the small, independent IT Service Provider, computer business, VAR, system builder, reseller,  and consultant. It was originally produced as the first, only and unofficial podcast for the IT Service Providers of OnForce, a company that bills itself as a “marketplace” for IT and boasts over 13,000 Providers.

The Force Field podcast is hosted by Rick Savoia. Each half hour episode covers a specific topic related to the business of owning and managing a tech business. The show follows a standard format with an intro to the topic of the episode, a news and comment segment and a discussion or interview with one or more IT professionals or other industry leaders.

In 2007 The Force Field expanded to cover all IT Professionals and now includes the news, views, reviews and interviews for and about the IT industry as well as The Force Field community.

The podcast began in July 2006 and is currently produced twice a month. You can listen to the episodes on The Force Field podcast episodes page or from the main web portal at www.theforcefield.net. You can also listen to the show by phone at (214) 295-2690.

In early 2007 The Force Field web portal was launched. The purpose of the portal is to provide a directory of resources to IT service professionals and businesses to help them start and manage their IT business. The portal features a public area with news, blogs, a media library, a marketplace, access to free publications and select articles from the portal's directories. The members area requires registration and allows full access to the IT Business Resource Directory. Membership is free to qualified professionals.

The Force Field also publishes a weekly newsletter. Subscription to the newsletter is free.