The Friendly Coffee Company, LLC…Our mission is to SERVE!

The Friendly Coffee Company, LLC was founded in March of 2015 and is 100% Veteran Owned and Operated.  The mission of The Friendly Coffee Company, LLC is to provide personalized brands of our fine coffees in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Charity Organizations and Fundraising Groups.  Additionally, we offer “You” Brew for individuals to order a personally branded coffee for themselves, their event, or their customers, friends and family.  Help us support these organizations, together we can all work together to leave this world better than we found it!

We brand, sell and distribute only Arabica coffees, which make up about 20% of the world’s coffee production.  This is the highest quality coffee available and is grown on mountain slopes at altitudes of approximately 1800-3600 feet in the largest coffee producing regions of Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.

As of 2014, the countries with the largest Arabica coffee production are Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala. We offer a variety of single-origin coffees, as well as blends of multiple coffees.  We also offer coffees that range from light roasts to dark roasts. When you think of our coffees, think quality French or Italian. We know you will enjoy every cup!