Bachelor cookbooks have changed! The demand for quick and easy recipes has not.  Do you love a juicy burger but also crave Sushi, Thai, Spanish Tapas, Korean steak BBQ or butter-poached lobster with a spicy glass of wine?

Chad Carns put his award-winning, graphic design career on hold to craft The Gourmet Bachelor: Global Flavor, Local Ingredients cookbook — packed with vivid photography, slick black pages, simple cooking instructions, wine guide and gourmet recipes in 20 minutes or less expertly paired with wine, beer, sake, a cocktail or small-batch bourbon. Learn how to cook meat or seafood like a restaurant chef in 5 easy steps after you read "How to Achieve the Perfect Sear."

About The Gourmet Bachelor Cookbook:
Wake up to orange-scented Ricotta Pancakes, ease into Lobster Club stacked with creamy avocado and double-thick bacon or just slurp your way through spicy Singapore Noodles. Impress your Friday night date with a classic Parmesan-Crusted Rack of Lamb followed by an effortless, Chocolate Souffle. Having a cocktail party? Try Moroccan Chicken Rolls drizzled with honey or Corn-Crusted Crab Cakes, Avocado Mash and smoky Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. California Cabernet, German Riesling, Irish Stout or sake—enjoy an expertly paired drink for each dish.

NYC Graphic Designer/Cookbook Author Chad Carns brings these exciting global flavors to your home in minutes with fresh, local ingredients.

Elegantly designed with over 80 HUGE, vivid photographs next to solid, slick black text pages,The Gourmet Bachelor cookbook includes quick and easy recipes, simple cooking instructions with just a few basic ingredients. Become the wine expert at your next cocktail party after you read the essential, 18-page wine guide. Chad explains how to sear food like a restaurant chef in 5 easy steps when he describes "How to Achieve the Perfect Sear." If you're just learning how to sear, chop or saute, no worries, just turn to the glossary of gourmet terms.

"Greenwich Village has been my home for over a decade. As I walk down Bleecker St—like a magnet—I'm hit with the intoxicating aromas of garlic, olive oil, fresh seafood, ginger, bacon, coconut curry & saffron. Braised short ribs catch my olfactory sense as I pass my favorite Korean BBQ place until I walk down Houston St to meet Italian pork shoulder roasting from the open doors of my local rustic Italian trattoria. My daily epicurean journey ends with a familiar stool at the local Spanish wine bar on MacDougal St when I ask Jorge for a glass of spicy Rioja and a plate of thinly sliced Chorizo.

I hope my cookbook inspires you to enjoy the exciting flavors of Greenwich Village as much as I do." - Chad Carns, The Gourmet Bachelor: Global Flavor, Local Ingredients.
About the Author

About Chad Carns:

Chad Carns put his award-winning, graphic design career on hold, to study global cuisine and wine at the Institute of Culinary Education. Every night, Carns tried a exciting new global dish in Greenwich Village and then recreated a quick and easy version at home with fresh, local ingredients.

Conde Nast and Hearst had been so impressed with Chad's crusade to bring exciting, global flavor home with fresh, local ingredients that they awarded him Honorary Guest Chef of their New York City cafe. His signature Korean BBQ sold out in 30 minutes.

Carns grew up in a diverse family, passionate about food. He remembers watching his grandmother mold one egg, a cup of flour and a splash of water into Sunday dinner.