The Guided Soul specializes in services ranging in scope from Freelance Writing to Hypnotherapy Treatment/Products, up-to and including, Quantum Touch® Energy Healing. The Guided Soul is dedicated in our commitment to providing top quality products and professional writing services along with effective complementary health services.

Our ultimate goal is to successfully assist our clients in achieving a level of health and wellbeing utilizing a variety of methods.  

For the past twenty-five years, Maricel Piercey has maintained a strong desire to understand just how exactly, the human mind absorbs and processes mental and emotional stimulants that bombard us on a daily basis.  Due to this interest, in addition to her work primarily as an author and freelance writer, her quest has lead her on a myriad of paths, gaining a wealth of knowledge along her journey in both the healing arts as well as the study of ancient spiritual and metaphysical concepts.

In the process of achieving just one of her many goals, specifically in the alternative health field as a certified hypnotherapist, Maricel identified a critical drawback for the budding therapist in making the transition from student to suddenly finding themselves at the start of a professional career.  Love of writing and empathy for her peers, compelled Maricel to put together a guide manual for the new hypnotherapist, confident that the scripts contained within, would provide the support she felt was needed for others in her field.  Hence, 'Effective Scripts for the Hypnotherapist', was born.  

Shortly thereafter, Maricel's journey led her to the fascinating world of Quantum Touch clearly seeing the tremendous benefits this healing modality would have for her clients.  As such, she began working with dozens of people as well as quickly fulfilling the requirements in order for her to become a Certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner.  Maricel has found that the ability to draw from and at times, combine, a variety of modalities has increased the effectiveness of her healing sessions.

Maricel spends the majority of her day conjuring up new written works in the form of fiction as well as, non-fictional, short stories and novels along with feature articles for both online publications and print magazines.  She currently lives in Duncan, British Columbia on beautiful Vancouver Island with her husband Gord and her two dogs, Kai and Jake.