The Center for Guilt-Free Success incorporates community, classes and coaching to help women entrepreneurs achieve success in their businesses. Many women feel guilty about issues surrounding their business and personal lives. As the Founder and Head Coach, Victoria Cook’s goal is to help women business owners get rid of the guilt so they can focus on creating a business – and a life – they enjoy.

The Center for Guilt-Free Success offers women entrepreneurs:

* a community of like-minded women familiar with the joys, pressures and problems small business owners and entrepreneurs face;

* classes to improve business and marketing skills for greater business success; and

* individual coaching to implement processes and strategies for success, without sacrificing what’s important to them.

Victoria Cook is an expert on achieving guilt-free success. She’s a popular author, speaker and an internationally recognized business coach. Victoria coaches women entrepreneurs through her unique, 7-step process for business and personal success.

For those interested in building their business immediately, visit their website to find  articles, resources, and other goal-setting and marketing tools.