The Show: The struggles of co-existing are wrought in each hilarious detail on stage for all of us to share. Enjoy a stand-up & situational comedy experience with two of the funniest comedians married today: The newly married comedy duo of Doug Wyckoff and Teresa Wyckoff. Their show an interactive show using marriage advice drawn from the audience while weaving in each of comic's own stories, jokes and experiences together seamlessly with audience suggestions. This format ensures that no two shows are ever the same.

The Tour: As newlyweds, married less than a year, Doug & Teresa Wyckoff feel they have a lot to share about marriage, and a lot to learn. So they are going on a 3½-month tour – 101 days – from Portland (Oregon) to Portland (Maine) doing over 70 shows in all the lower 48 states. They will be performing at comedy clubs, casinos, restaurants, bars, theatres and even some Elks Lodges. They are selling all of their belongs, sending their 18 year old to Australia for a year and seeing the country in their 2003 Ford Focus, that has over 200,000 miles on it already. What could go wrong? During this tour they will also be searching for the most romantic spot in the country.
Doug Wyckoff is a seasoned and established comedian in his own right. He is also a founding member of the famed Hawaii comedy group and production company: Power Up Comedy. He can be seen on Grey's Anatomy, CSI New York and if you look closely you can see him in the box office hit Bridesmaids. Doug is an irreverent stand up comedian whose obstinate humor is universally offensive to all creeds, races, and cultures. He is non sequitur in his comedic performances, a lone wolf howling at the moon yet a leader of his pack, at least in age, and in his own mind. He brings laughter wherever he performs: from the world famous Comedy Store to the monthly shows on Maui and clubs across the mainland. He has shared the stage with all-star comedians such as Tom Arnold, Whitney Cummings, Chris D'elia, The Greg Wilson, Don Barnhart, Ron Morey, and Curtis "Chino" La Forge. He headlined around the country from Casinos to comedy clubs and even a kids show.
Teresa Wyckoff