The Henker Group LLC is an award-winning, full-service integrated marketing communications (IMC) agency specializing in marketing, public relations, and business development located on Maryland's Eastern Shore in Easton’s Historic District. The Henker Group serves local, national, and international markets and provides a unique and proven approach to support businesses growing to the next level or maintaining a premier position in the marketplace. The Henker Group has a vast and exceptional client list and experience that includes international, national, regional, and local businesses and organizations. We work with businesses on projects of great scale with multiple benchmarks and commanding timelines as well as organizations whose needs are smaller in nature. With whomever we work or wherever we work, The Henker Group’s expertise, quality, and professionalism make a lasting impact.

The Henker Group has also been a dedicated community partner and proud supporter of worthy non-profits in the achievement of their missions. In 2012, The Henker Group joined more than 200 other companies in the A Billion + Change campaign to mobilize billions of dollars of pro bono and skills-based service by 2013 to address core issues our communities face across the country and the world.