In the spirit of Silicon Valley, The Hoffman Agency (HA) was formed in 1987 with the belief that there was a better way to help technology-related companies use the power of PR to meet their business goals.

While agency environments can resemble a roller coaster ride — clients coming and going, revolving door of employees, etc. — Lou Hoffman was determined to build a PR company based on long-term relationships with clients and a culture that retained its talent base.

The Hoffman Agency’s global headquarters is in San Jose, California and includes offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

In Asia Pacific, we offer clients a network of six wholly-owned offices as well as partners — all of whom provide integrated PR/marketing communications counsel for IT-focused clients. Primary Hoffman PR hubs reside in: Beijing, Hong Kong (regional HQ), Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.

Trusted partners in Australia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines support this network. No doubt, many multinational PR consultancies in Asia also have regional networks and other local affiliates across the region. But at The Hoffman Agency, we have proudly built our own network, including training our partners, in order to guarantee consistency in each market we serve and, ultimately, quality of results.

We have worked with an array of companies over the last 12 years in Asia — from pure business-to-business to consumer technology players, media, conference organizers and marketing agencies.

Collectively, our services are designed to help companies “connect” with their target audiences. This means building awareness and, ultimately, fortifying our clients’ brands in both the physical world and the virtual world.

There’s no question that our services have evolved over the past few years. This reflects the expanding definition of what constitutes an “influencer” as well as the power of the Internet to directly reach the people who buy or influence the purchase of a product or service.

Toward this end, we have embraced social media. In fact, the entire company communicates and collaborates on a social media product called Ning.

Furthermore, blogs, Twitter, podcasts, videos and micro sites, among others, have become a mainstay in how we help our clients communicate to target audiences and third-party influencers, and connect them directly to their end-users whenever possible.

It’s all our way of saying that we take a holistic approach to implementing PR programs that support our clients’ business objectives.

The Hoffman Agency offers a full range of services:

•     Strategic counsel
•     Positioning
•     Message development
•     Media relations
•     Analyst relations
•     Media training
•     Narrowcasting
•     Issues/crisis communications
•     B-Roll and video news release development/production
•     Online media kits
•     Contributed article programs
•     Product review programs
•     Presentation development
•     Press kit development
•     Writing services
•     Press tours/launches
•     Special events
•     Trade show support
•     Speaker programs
•     Customer reference programs
•     Market research
•     International public relations
•     Media coverage analysis
•     Online communications, including blog and podcast outreach
•     Web marketing and communications
•     Web corporate positioning
•     Internet, intranet and extranet site content, navigation, design counsel
•     Web business partnership development
•     Localization of Web site