C.J. Savage, Certified Hypnotherapist for 19yrs, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Life Coach says you can be, do and have anything you really want with hypnosis. Capture the power within! Certified in hypnotherapy October 1991 by The Hypnodyne Foundation through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) by the state of FL after studying under Steven LaVelle, a professor & author on human development and well known hypnotist/hypnotherapist.  C.J. opened her own hypnosis clinic in Winchester, IL on a part-time basis in 1991 while working as a Mental Health Specialist for the State of Illinois. After resigning from the State in 1993, as a Mental Health Specialist, she has had Hypnosis clinics in Springfield, Bloomington, Jacksonville and Winchester working with people from all walks of life hypnotizing them for everything imaginable, while specializing in healing of health problems, weight loss, smoking cessation and ‘past life regression’. She travels nearly anywhere in the U.S. to speak and or hypnotize groups of people for corporations, employers, organizations, hospitals, colleges, etc., offering her expertise to help people to lose weight, stop smoking permanently, etc while becoming healthier and happier, with exceptional success, while continuing to seeing clients on a private basis as time allows.                                                                                                                                                              While C.J. Savage has hypnotized people for 18 years with exceptional success, people become happier and healthier, transforming their mental, emotional and physical health for the better, living life more abundantly.                                                                                                                                      CONTACT INFORMATION: C.J. Savage,   21 S. Main,   P.O. Box 27,   Winchester,  IL  62694                              
Dun & Bradstreet # 827512740   Phone#  217 473 5412  
Email   TheHypnosisQueen@aol.com