Kosher Clipper is about helping local businesses acquire new local customers, with the most effective and affordable marketing program for Jewish retail businesses today.

The Kosher Clipper is a unique product that is increasing sales profits for over 1000’s of Jewish retailers in the Tri-state area, while helping consumers save hundreds of dollars. We offer our customers a full page advertisement, included is their featured product or business with a complimentary discount code or coupon of your choosing, as well as a free professional design.
With over 50,000 complimentary copies distributed monthly, and growing, our goal is to get your business coupon advertisement circulated and seen by all the Jewish communities throughout the five boroughs

Why advertise with The Kosher Clipper?
• Coupons generate traffic.
• Coupons create incentives.
• Coupons are promotional tools.
• Coupons increase sales of other products.
• Coupons deliver results.

The Kosher Clipper delivers an extremely high response rate, more than 70% of all consumers have responded to coupon offers. The bottom line is that coupons are an affordable and effective way to get the responses and the results you want for your business.

Join one of THE most effective means of advertising for your local business today! The Kosher Clipper is here to help you launch your marketing forward for continued, consistent success.

Visit www.thekosherclipper.com for more info and to contact us today!