The Langel Firm proudly represents clients in New York City and all surrounding areas in the state of New York.  The continuous credit collection activities and harassment can make an already stressful situation even worse.  The attorneys with the firm can help debtors who are subject to wage garnishments, legal threats, creditor reporting violations as well as the process to unfreeze bank accounts, remove money judgments and more.  Anyone can fall victim to deceptive and unfair debt collectors and debt settlement fraudulent activities.  It is important to seek legal assistance from an experienced attorney who can advise debtors on their legal rights and how to defend against debt lawsuits and stop collection abuse.  The firm offers quality personal service to their clients paying close attention to each client and case.  They use a customized billing strategy for those debtors in need of legal service but are in financial trouble.  You can learn more about the attorneys and the firm at http://www.thelangelfirm.com.