From the time he was a very young child, Sal Daveno has been infatuated with imaginative stories and fantasy. He constantly practiced his artistic skills by decorating the pages of his favorite books with creative drawings. This eventually inspired him to begin writing his own adventures, which he has been doing since the age of thirteen.

Eventually, Sal showed his cousin (and best friend), Anthon Daveno, all of the illustrations in the stories he loved to read. Anthon was also a fan of fantasy tales, and together they approached another cousin, Faide, to share their passion for these types of books. After some discussion, the three cousins came up with the idea that Sal’s drawings should be used as the basis for writing an imaginative story of their own. They all desired to tell a fast-paced tale, which could transport the reader to strange worlds and non-stop adventure. Thus, A Fantasy Steps Group was born (named for Anthon, Faide, and Sal), and the cousins embarked on their first of many epics. Each cousin is quick to say that The Last Wars of the Jinn is not credited to any one of them individually, but instead it is a collaborative effort, bringing each of their storytelling styles to life.


A world filled with wizards and creatures of all types, Zordan secretly appeared around the time of King Arthur. The inhabitants of this world pledged to cooperate amongst themselves to protect each other, and also the human civilizations around them, from outside forces. However, as in every society, dissention eventually broke out dividing good against evil, and former allies against one another.

In a world nearby, John, a powerful human warrior, was raising his family. His wife and two sons were taking care of themselves while John was off fighting in the various conflicts of the day. During one of his crusades, John’s wife was murdered and his youngest son, Dawn, was kidnapped. Upon returning home to find this devastation, John pledged revenge on those who had committed this dastardly crime. Thus begins the adventure of John entering the world of Zordan to rescue his young son while grieving for his wife and the loss of his family unit. Adding to his troubles, John’s other son, Sam, runs away to join him in the search. While Sam searches for his father and his younger brother, he encounters a multitude of dangerous creatures and life-threatening situations. However, he also makes some lifelong friends who help protect him along the way.

The world of Zordan is an awe-inspiring place, which conjures up images of demons, flying warriors, monsters, kings and princesses, traitors and spies, and a landscape which is both treacherous and challenging.

Eventually, the stone of Zordan comes into play as Sam, his father, their allies and enemies, all become entwined in a game of deceit and the struggle for victory. As the tale unwinds, the secret of the stone is unraveled along with Dawn’s unsuspecting and surprising connection to the world of Zordan.