The Lord’s Prayer Journal™ has taken The Lord’s Prayer and broken it down into snippets in order to prompt you during your prayer times, to help you remember how to pray as Jesus Christ taught us.

The Lord’s Prayer Journal gently prompts you to:

   Praise your Heavenly Father
   Thank God for all your bountiful blessings
   Surrender your will to the Holy Spirit
   Pray for others
   Ask God for your daily bread
   Request forgiveness of our sins
   Forgive the sins and hurts of others
   Ask the Holy Spirit for protection
   Acknowledge God and all His Power and Glory

Thank Heavens we are not the first to struggle with how to pray.  The disciples did too and they spent 24/7 with Jesus!  This is fortunate for us as a Christian, because we can go to our Bible and read The Lord’s Prayer and learn how to pray.  But oh, “if it were only that easy,” you say!  I say, “I know exactly what you mean.”

If you are at all like me, you have always wanted a more meaningful way of communicating with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus calls us to spend time in prayer, but how do you know what or how to pray? Are we suppose to utter a prayer for healing . . . or recite healing scriptures . . . or use a daily devotional. . . or maybe subscribe to the Bible Verse of the Day?  What is the right way to pray?

First, let me assure you there is no right or wrong way to pray.  Jesus takes us just as we are.  God is just thrilled that we want to spend time with Him!  And, He is even more excited that we desire a deeper relationship. Some people do use daily devotionals (I use 2), some read daily scripture (I try to every day) , and others say a verbal prayer (I do that to).  But, I still wanted to delve deeper which is how I came up with The Lord’s Prayer Journal.  I wanted some permanence.  I wanted to be able to look back at where I had been and see where God had taken me.

If you have never used a prayer journal, check out our “How to use a Prayer Journal” page.  We have taken each section of The Lord’s Prayer and given you some food for thought.  Hopefully, this prayer journal will guide you in your prayer times.  It is our prayer that it will make you more comfortable in feeling like you finally know how to pray.