BPI is an Institute of Higher Learning whose core mission is to teach that which is of the Infinite Law-Truth and Unconditional Love. Offering essays, tutorials, one-on-one guidance, videos, e-books, and especially Vol 1 and 2 of The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons (published by All Things That Matter Press and available only on amazon.com), BPI weaves  Metaphysics with The Word of Creator, discusses and supports true Paranormal activity as a means by which humans can connect with the Cosmos, and suggests that the individual wishing to make themselves whole by way of activity through BPI formulate a unique course of study for themselves with our help and guidance. Truth is Truth, and Unconditional Love is a unique and infinite pattern of precision, and the exact Science of it can be studied and understood. There are very few on the planet, however, who truly desire to merge themselves with such a life. This indeed, is the birthright of all-to live as a whole spirit being very grounded upon the Earth. Are you one so bold enough to embrace Infinity? Come connect with The Bliss Parsons Institute, and we will help light the path you choose.