The Luxury Care Swag Bag is a unique custom designed tote given away to new parents after delivering their baby in the hospital.  In each bag, parents receive incredible product samples, coupons and new product information. The bags are delivered straight to the mom's hospital or birthing center room by nurses or midwives before she goes home with baby at no cost to the mom and no cost to the hospital.  

We enable products and brands to affordably and effectively reach new moms as they leave the hospital, before they are set in their ways about products they will use and introduce them to their company and business. This is an opportunity to reach these new moms at a critical, emotionally-bonding time when loyalties to products are forged, and especially in such a trusted environment like the hospital. The Luxury Care Swag Bag is currently being distributed in hospitals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Rhode Island and California and is quickly expanding to other areas of the country.