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The Horror Movie List Launches Visual User Focused Website.
The Interactive Website Allows Users to Quickly Search by Keywords or Movie Title
The Horror Movie List --  was launched with users in mind.  The visually interactive website,  besthorrormovielist.com, is designed to assist users in quickly finding a horror movie that fits their mood.  User’s looking for horror movie recommendations will find the movie they are looking for in no time.
The Horror Movie List Chief Executive Dayse M. Mejias says: "We designed the website with users in mind.  They have busy lives and when they are ready to relax they need a quick way to select a movie that fits their mood.  We provide that with a quick search using specific keywords such as haunted house, ghost, cult favorite, gore, zombies, psychological, etc.  They can also search by directors, actors, year, by foreign films, decade, etc."
The site is very visual. Big DVD covers and movie synopsis recreates the movie rental store vibe except you are sitting in the comfort of your own home.  You can watch the selected movie trailer, see user ratings and reviews and decide if that is the movie you want to see. Something you cannot do at the video rental place.  
“We give our users the choice if they like the trailer to watch the movie online in the comfort of their home without having to drive to the store or wait for the mail.” says Mejias.
Additional bonuses are, once users register, they can discuss horror movies in the forum, write reviews, and add their favorite movies to the list.  The list is extensive, chances are the movie is already in the list.  Movies are added every week and top new horror movies are added as they are released.
“We took great care in designing a great site catered around what our horror movie fans needs.  We want to hear from our users to make our website their home for horror movie recommendations.  Users can use our horror forum to leave suggestions so that we can continue to refine our site and services to better cater to their entertainment needs now and in the future." says Mejias.
The website also offers giveaways.  No purchase is necessary to enter.  Interested users, who reside in the US and are 18 years of age, can enter by just sending an email with their name.
Johnalee Johnston
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Email: themaster@besthorrormovielist.com