The Movie Booth DVD kiosks are the evolutionary product of the changing face of the DVD rental market and meet the two most important demands made by the modern consumer: price and convenience. The Movie Booth’s innovative machines offer all of the most popular new release films as soon as they are available. All of these DVDs are offered for rental at a fraction of the price paid at a video rental store, on the internet or through your TV. In fact, The Movie Booth challenges you to find a cheaper and more convenient way to enjoy the latest new release films!

With traditional DVD rental stores disappearing due to the high costs involved in operating this business model along with their INconvenient locations and high rental prices, The Movie Booth has seized a unique market opportunity by installing their state of the art, fully automated vending kiosk solution into convenient locations across the UK and Ireland. You can choose from hundreds of film titles at every conveniently located DVD kiosk and you will only pay £2/€3 per 24h rental - no late fees, no hassle.

The Movie Booth is a privately funded company registered in the UK and supported by a wealth of business and finance expertise provided by a group of experienced private investors. The company is fronted by Carlos Marco Rider, a multi award-winning young entrepreneur who is supported by an innovative and dynamic young team. Based in Gloucestershire, the company has worked extensively for the past three years to develop a vending kiosk product that is able to offer the most convenient, cost-effective DVD rental service in the market. Following extensive research The Movie Booth brand was created to accompany the next-generation machines being introduced into the market. Bringing together a massive wealth of knowledge, experience and key contacts alongside a vibrant new brand gives The Movie Booth a noticeable market advantage over their competitors.
The Movie Booth is leading a revolution in the movie rental market in the UK and Ireland with a rapid growth in 2008 through the deployment of machines across the both nations via established key partnerships with leading retailers and operators.

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