Build a website that brings in business

Make your website pay you back with sales leads

• Think it`s too difficult to do in-house?
• Not happy with an external agency or web designers efforts?
• I understand your industry and know how to bring you business through your website
• It is unlikely that you will sell a £100,000 instrument straight from your website but you can attract, inform, and make first contact before your competitors. But if they can`t find you then…..who will they find.

Successful Online Marketing made simple

I am a freelance Business Development Manager and I help businesses just like yours win new business through their website by reaching out to the right audience, informing them, converting them to sales leads, maximizing your brand, getting you started with pay-per-click marketing, and improving your rankings.

I can help you do all this, and more…..

• Make your site easier to find, improve its ranking and bring more visitors
• Make the website convey the right message
• Convert visitors into sales leads
• Maximise ecommerce potential, multi-lingual if you wish
• Improve brand awareness
• Reach new customers
• Set up a pay-per-click account to maximise online exposure
• Write online articles or blogs to promote your products and services
• Write webpage content that informs not bores
• Spy on your competitors then outcompete them

In addition to helping with online marketing I have experience in more traditional aspects of marketing which I can also help you with

• Writing marketing plans, and following up on action plans
• Helping to write press releases, articles, white papers etc
• Preparing advertisements
• Preparing brochures, dealing with designers etc
• Reviewing the use of various marketing tools and helping to find the right ones
• Helping set up export distributors
• Helping organise exhibitions, seminars and workshops