Tom Chi, also known as The Pain Whisperer pioneered a breakthrough therapy which he calls SuperTouch ™

He super-sensitized his hands using esoteric kung fu hand sensitization exercises to where he can feel injuries like no one else and then completely reprocess and reform the tissues so that the injury no longer exists. This means immediate lasting results in most cases of chronic pain even after years of therapy and failed surgeries.

He is in pre-production on his new reality series, The Pain Whisperer ™ which features this amazing treatment that permanently cures chronic pain with the proverbial snap of the fingers. On his website we see many video examples of patients before and after one treatment and it is astounding by medical standards.

Tom is a kung fu master with 30 years of practice and teaching. His first fives years were 10 hours each day of hard training. He is also a master acupuncturist with 30 years experience who has treated Oprah Winfrey, members of Congress and dozens of medical doctors.  

Tom has done acupuncture anesthesia for childbirth and is he also known for curing the facial paralysis of Mark Ruffalo who plays the Hulk in the new Avengers movie.

Patients fly from many locales to receive treatment with Tom and he not only delivers the intended result he sings, dances, jokes and rants because fixing pain for Tom is "childs play".

Tom has been both vegetarian and a meditator since high school and is an avid Salsa and West Coast Swing dancer, a builder and an inventor. He played jazz professionally and played footsie with a loving elephant. Tom smiles and laughs a lot.