For over a decade the People’s Front Room has created an immersive and unique experience for artists and audiences. Every year the PFR has toured some of the biggest and most prestigious festivals in the UK, and hosted events in inner-city venues around the country.

The PFR also offers creative opportunities to vulnerable young people by running workshops and community projects for those who don’t usually have access to the arts. Through this the collective creates positive social change by inspiring people to engage with their creative potential.

What started as a small group of family and friends has grown into a collective of 80 artists, musicians and crew. This ambitious growth has produced hundreds of exciting opportunities for our artists.

Music and art are a form of communication that we use to bring people together. We estimate that over the past 10 years, around 80,000 people have walked through our doors. With your help we can keep these numbers rising, reach a wider audience, and enable more people to connect with one another.