TheProProject.org is an organization developed to both fund amateur athletes in their quest to reach elite levels, and to provide quality marketing opportunities to those brands who choose to sponsor our athletes.

At its heart the goal of TheProProject is to give athletes a second chance at the big leagues. Not everyone can be scouted out of high school, or put on developmental teams at a young age. Many athletes encounter problems that prevent them from being able to truly reach their potential. TheProProject.org is here to give those athletes a second chance by allowing them to focus on training full time.

In funding athletes TheProProject also gives them an opportunity to tell their story, and share their adventure towards the elite levels of their sport. Athletes are encouraged to blog and provide videos of their training, competition, and lessons they have learned along the way. In this way the athletes give back to their community.

TheProProject isn't possible without the generous support of sponsors. Their are always new and exciting sponsorship packages available to help fund the athletes. In return for support, sponsors receive grass-roots word-of-mouth promotions, an enthusiastic team of brand ambassadors, and lets not forget the good-will associated with amateur athletic sponsorship.

For more information please visit www.TheProProject.org