Any marketing and business development project should be a ‘joined-up’ plan supported by processes designed to deliver the company’s commercial objectives: turnover, earnings, market share, client profile etc.

The scope of our offering extends beyond the design and delivery of marketing projects. We work alongside your team to take your product and service to market.

We provide the marketing team, project management and senior business development experience to compliment the resources available within your company.

Our industry experts combine the strategic level insight needed to introduce your organisation to the right contacts, provide engagement with potential clients, key press, analysts and partners on your behalf and to introduce business development opportunities.

Additionally, The Realization Group actively facilitates collaboration within its network of clients and partners to enable cross marketing of complimentary solutions.

The Realization Group has extensive experience of Financial Markets working in multiple environments. We have worked in and/or with organisations including investment banks, execution and clearing brokers, data centres providing financial ecosystems, market data providers, trading venues, application solution providers, as well as participating in key financial services “think tanks”.

All our service delivery solutions have given us considerable insight into today’s market dynamics and access to a wide range of contacts.

Clients include
*  Baymarkets
*  Cake Solutions
*  diliger.com
*  Enyx
*  Equinix
*  Global Markets Exchange Group (GMEX)
*  Global Trust Market
*  IXcellerate
*  Mines Advisory Group (MAG)
*  OnX
*  Quincy Data
*  The Test People