The Reference Store has many Virtual Companies that look, feel and sound REAL! Each of these companies has,

•     A detailed WEB-SITE. (Not a single WEB-PAGE.)
•     A local phone number in the AREA OF YOUR CHOICE. (Just like the REAL thing.)
•     Live people answering phones. (Just like the REAL thing.)
•     We say…. Whatever YOU tell us to say. You can use our scripts or create one of your own.
•     Our Virtual Human Resource Managers make sure to use the FIVE HIRING BUZZ WORDS used among Human Resource Professionals.
•     You tell us your Salary
•     You tell us the date you started
•     You tell us the date you left.
•     You tell us the position you hold / held.
•     You can even write the reference if you so choose.
•     We tell the “Little White Lies” that gets you Interviewed. GUARANTEED!

After you select the Plan of your choice, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button to process payment. Then, just click on the "Sign Up" button on the upper left and answer a few brief questions. A case handler will contact you as soon as payment is posted to handle specifics of your case. Get Results!  "Rise Above"  NOT EXCUSES!!! While others kick back... We Work Hard for You! Copyright TRS 2010, All rights reserved. 1-877-422-2973 We use the 5 Hiring Buzz Words that gets you Interviewed. 1-877-422-2973
Mon. – Sat. 9am till 7pm

Compare Services. Do you have an Extra-Martial lover? Need someone to cover for you while you’re “Away”? Our problem solvers know just what to do. If you’re looking for a few hours or a few days, The Reference Store has options just for you.

Our Case Handlers will conference with you and devise a plan to keep your relationship a private matter. False Hotel Reservations, alternate Visa or MasterCard options, Fictitious training seminars, “Emergency” late night phone calls and much, much more. Whatever you can think up???? We can pull it off. (Additional costs may apply.)

Landlord blues got you down? An Eviction or Broken Lease on your record? Fear not, The Reference Store can and does serve as your virtual Landlord too. We offer the highest recommendation available anywhere to help you get into a new home or apartment.

Whenever a perspective new landlord calls us? We verify your tenancy, length of occupancy, monthly rental rates and how we “JUST HATE TO LOSE YOU AS A TENANT!”

Need a few days off of work? A funeral should prove most effective in getting you the time you need. We have a Virtual Funeral Home available; Complete with memorial notices and service programs. No one will know but us.